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Vision Therapy Testimonials

My six-year-old, Eleanor, was struggling last spring. School was hard, following directions was hard, and reading was really hard. Her teacher thought maybe something was up with her eyes. We started VT in the summer and even that was hard. But now it’s a different story!! Eleanor is reading. Paying attention is easier.

How do I know VT is the reason for growth and not just age? Billboards.

Last month Eleanor started spelling words she saw on billboards as we passed. The first time she did it I was confused, then I started crying. She hadn’t been able to process billboard text! I didn’t even know she was missing that part of life. Focus Eyecare Visual Therapy has given her the ability and desire to use her eyes differently. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I’d like to start out by saying I’m 37 years old and I wish I had vision therapy thirty years ago. All my life I have struggled with reading. My eyes always hurt and I’d get headaches while I was reading. My mother took me to many eye doctors as a kid and none of them were ever able to help me. I wore glasses a few different times and none of those prescriptions were ever helpful either. This past summer my eyes had gotten so bad I was unable to read books to my young children. This is when I investigated other options to better my vision and to stop headaches. I came across Dr. Dragoo’s office online and thought it was worth a try to find relief. Immediately after starting my therapy sessions my headaches were beginning to diminish while I was reading. I’ve completed all my vision therapy sessions and have continued to be able to read without getting the headaches. This program has truly been life-changing for me the only regret is not knowing about it much sooner.

Connor has really improved his handwriting and fine motor skills! And he truly enjoys going to therapy – it is fun!!!!

My daughter loves her time with Ms Melissa. She used to hate reading…because it was hard tracking. Not only is she completely caught up at school, but she asks to take a book and go read. She has also never been able to do a cartwheel successfully. Years of cheer and gymnastics…and suddenly she can do one. So many reasons we love it!

Everybody is super friendly and I have a lot of fun every time I go to therapy which is not something I would’ve expected before joining Focus Eyecare. I’m excited to get super vision!!!

Since receiving weekly Vision Therapy, my son’s outbursts have decreased in length and frequency. He has more insight into his own behavior and a willingness to consider other people’s perspectives. School subjects that he was not willing to work on such as spelling he has begun to be willing to work on. My son has his cooperative and uncooperative days, but he is always treated with kindness, patience, and positivity by the staff at Focus Eyecare. Vision Therapy at Focus Eyecare has been the one therapy that both my husband and I agree has made the biggest difference in our son’s behavior. (I am open to edits for clarity. Let me know.)

I was referred to Focus Eye Care after a stroke. After the stroke, I had a lot of problems with vision and with driving. After attending Vision Therapy through Focus Eyecare, I am much improved and driving again. Thank you to the Vision Therapy Team.

Everyone is very friendly to work with. The doctor was very patient with me when I asked (quite a few times) to explain and re-explain the medical jargon I struggled understanding. They seem to have a great team! Definitely recommend!

I enjoy Focus Eyecare. For me it’s like old home week. If I go to my vision therapy appointment in a bad mood, I often times come back in a better mood. Everyone there is very professional and very kind.

Joey has been a client at Focus Eye Care for over a year now, and we are very pleased with the service we have received to date. Additionally, the staff is very accommodating and extremely friendly!

So far, my personal experiences have been outstanding. The staff is very extroverted, and I have fun conversations with them during therapy. I’ve noticed they are very patient when I have difficulty with tasks. Tasks they give me include puzzles, tracking exercises, strategy games, coordination tests, perception tests, and reading exercises. Some of these are difficult for me, and some are easy, but it definitely feels like my eyes have received a workout by the end. I have noticed a significant improvement in my tracking and reading abilities. My SAT scores, as a result, have been increased significantly in the reading and grammar section.

Everyone there is super nice and always asking me how I’m doing each week. We are able to have amazing conversations in between exercises! They challenge me just enough to push me but not too much that it’s too hard to do.

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