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Sanet Vision Integrator

Unique features and benefits of the SVI are:

  • Saccadic Trainer Function – Useful in therapy for all patients to enhance eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, central-peripheral integration.
  • Tactile Feedback- Uses the hand rather than a keyboard or laser pointer so the patient gets “real life” tactile and proprioceptive feedback
  • Hand Speed Function – Used in the Sports Vision Evaluation of Olympic athletes. Useful in therapy for Sports Vision both to measure and increase visual reaction time and hand speed‘
  • Visual Search” Saccadic Function – Unlike saccadic procedures like the Hart Chart, the SVI Saccade 2 Function simulates real life where the majority of saccades are not to an anticipated fixed point in space, but rather to “unexpected” events in the environment.
  • Metronome Function- Helps all patients to enhance rhythm and timing and visual-auditory integration
  • Tachistoscope Functions – Helps to increase speed of both visual and auditory information processing and memory.

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