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Vision and Real Life

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Vision therapy can improve lots of skills that you might not even realize are related to vision. Vision therapy can work with integrating reflexes, motion sickness, balance, multi-tasking, pencil grip, formation of letters and numbers, etc. Vision therapy can help improve the simplicity of your working circumstances and make your life ultimately easier.

About five months ago, an eight year old boy came to vision therapy who needed some help. His eyes were reluctant to work together, so it was challenging for him to ride his bike. It was hard to rely on his eyes rather than his body to watch a moving object. He also needed improvement with the formation of his letters and his ability to know his left from right.

When speaking to him before he started vision therapy, his main goal was to be able to ride his bike. And after only about three months of vision therapy, he achieved that goal. He no longer has letter or number reversals and he can now rely on his eyes instead of his body to follow a moving object.

On top of these tasks becoming easier for him, his reading has improved; he is above his age level and both of his eyes now work well together. He is excelling in so much that he does. He is so happy with his progress and he has noticed his improvements along with his parents, teachers and myself.

One of the big things in vision therapy that was never hard for him was to have a positive attitude and mindset. He always comes to vision therapy with a big smile on his face. He knew what was hard for him and knew that he wanted to do better. He did not want to have these struggles anymore and after that short period of time, he did it.

I would recommend vision therapy to anyone who believes they aren’t at their full potential, but wish to achieve it. Be aware of your struggles and be open to being pushed to achieve your best self. Vision therapy is truly life changing for all ages.

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