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Vision Therapy – Not Just for Kids

Years ago, when I first became a vision therapist, there was a commonality between the majority of my clients. They were all young children, usually male and struggling to maintain attention in the classroom. Even today, it is a common misconception that vision therapy is only appropriate for children. In reality, adults can benefit greatly from vision therapy and our practice works with many adult clients; many of whom are still kids at heart.

Our adult clients tend to have big issues that impact daily life - a stroke has left them unable to drive; they’ve suffered from migraines for years and reached a breaking point; reading to their children has become impossible due to eye fatigue; spending all day working remotely has caused debilitating symptoms; and the list goes on.

Recently, two standout moments occurred with two of my adult clients. One mentioned that her friends asked her what vision therapy is all about. She replied that it is like hanging out with a friend, doing some cool exercises and games, while developing great vision skills. Her vision is improving by leaps and bounds as she puts in the work and has fun doing it. And this is the truth of it, vision therapy is fun with a purpose.

The second came in after experiencing the onset of double vision and she just recently mentioned to me how scared she was on the first visit. She feared she would never be able to drive again or be able to do many of the things she loved in life. Her comment was “look at me now”! She’s driving with comfort, no longer experiences double vision and continues to make great strides in developing strong, accurate binocular vision skills.

Our vision therapy team is skilled in working with clients of all ages and getting excellent results. Each program begins with two evaluations - a binocular vision evaluation with Dr. Robyn Dragoo and a visual perceptual evaluation with myself. These assessments give a comprehensive picture of the client’s vision skills, deficiencies and more.

We all deserve quality of life and visual dysfunctions often interfere with the most important areas of our lives. Our clients at Focus Eyecare range in age from infancy to 90 years young! Because our program is completely customized to each individual, we can work successfully with clients of all ages to achieve their goals.

Melissa Hoyer
Vision Therapy Clinic Manager
Lead Vision Therapist

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